It was Yemenia Flight 626 that changed the world for the families of 153 people. It was Flight 626—an Airbus A310-324 twin-engine jet airliner that flew the last leg of a trip from Sana'a, Yemen, that ended in the ocean off the coast of Moroni, Comoros.

A 12 year old girl survived. Bahia Bakari, miracle child, survivor, made of sterner stuff than most of us, was fished from the water after surviving the crash and clinging to wreckage for 13 hours.

The plane that flew its last flight that day had been judged unfit to fly over French Airspace. So what was it doing, flying at all?

We ask again, on behalf of the victims, on behalf of the surviving families, what action has been taken regarding compensation and finding justice?

We advocate for maintaining dialogue and transparency for the families of crash victims——the families who look for justice have a right to know what happened to their families, and how and why. The families who look for support should find support. We are here to spur the fight on your behalf.